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The Mountain Trail


The Mountain

In 1998 BRCA, with the Belgrade Lakes Association, acquired 207 acres on The Mountain (665′).


Distance: 0.8 miles each way


Trailhead: Drive approximately one mile north of Belgrade Lakes Village on Route 27. Turn right (east) onto Mountain Drive; a parking area is located at 0.3 miles on the left (north) side of Mountain Drive.

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The Mountain Trail system consists of a main trail 0.8 miles long, with shorter loop trails off each side (see descriptions below). The main trail, an old logging road, leads north from the parking area. The Great Pond Loop (marked by a green arrow) leaves the main trail on the right (east) at 0.4 miles. The Long Pond Loop (white arrow) leaves the main trail on the left (west) at 0.5 miles. The main trail continues upward straight ahead. Shortly before the main trail’s end, the Great Pond Loop rejoins it on the right. At the end of the main trail the Long Pond Loop rejoins it on the left. All trails end here. Private property lies ahead. Great Pond Loop (green arrow): The Great Pond Loop, 0.4 miles long, enters the woods on the right (east) 0.4 miles from the parking area. The trail climbs as it winds through a glacial boulder fi eld to a small open area—the highest point on The Mountain (665′). The trail continues north and west, dropping down to rejoin the main trail shortly before its end. Long Pond Loop (white arrow): The Long Pond Loop leaves the main trail on the left (west) 0.5 miles from the parking area. The 0.4-mile loop trail descends moderately from the main trail, crossing several rock slabs and boulders, before passing over a cliff with steep drop-offs and stunning views of Long Pond and the Kennebec Highlands. The trail continues northeast, rising to meet the main trail at its terminus.

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