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Fogg Island Trail

Description: Fogg Island is a 469-acre preserve with unique features including two miles of protected shoreline on Long Pond and a mixture of wetland and upland forest. Conservation of this property provides protection of significant wildlife habitat and provides a substantial contiguous habitat block. Fogg Island is home to many species of wildlife including white tail deer, bobcats, wild turkey, black tern, salamanders and a rumored moose.

The access road to Fogg Island is not plowed in winter. You may still hike, snowshoe, or cross country ski on the trail by parking on Spring Hill Rd. and trekking in!

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Fogg Island Driving Directions: From Cottle Hill Road in Mt. Vernon, turn onto Spring Hill Road. You will pass the “Fogg Island Preserve” sign on your left. Take the next left. This road appears to be a driveway to a small farm  but you are going the right way. You may pass a sign on your right that says “Farm Animals, Private Property”. Stay left, and keep going past the house. At the end of the road, you will find a gravel parking area! Have fun on your hike! The trail is located behind the metal gate. Call (207)495-6039 if you are lost.

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