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The Life of the Land and Lakes is In Our Hands.

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Maine Lakes is the only statewide, nonprofit 501(c)3 membership organization dedicated to the protection of Maine lakes through science, education and policy. Founded in 1970, Maine Lakes works with individuals, lake associations, state agencies, schools, colleges, other nonprofits, youth camps, businesses and civic organizations to communicate lake science, promote stewardship of water resources, and encourage wise land use policy.


Maine Lakes has over 100 lake association members which it supports by providing capacity-building resources, on-site presentations, Courtesy Boat Inspection workshops, and on-call answering service and advocacy for lake protection. Maine Lakes draws upon the knowledge of experts to provide objective, scientific testimony in support of policies that protect lake water quality, watershed integrity, and biodiversity.


Maine Lakes is committed to supporting LakeSmart, a homeowner reward program encouraging lake friendly landscaping, in partnership with LakeSmart’s sponsor, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. Together, Maine DEP and Maine Lakes have concluded a successful test of volunteers to speed LakeSmart adoption by property owners.

With partners Colby College and 7 Lakes Alliance, Maine Lakes introduced LakeSmart implementation and analysis to Colby College’s study of Resilience and Change in the Belgrade Watershed, with support from Maine’s Sustainability Science Initiative (SSI) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

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