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The Life of the Land and Lakes is In Our Hands.

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Science is a cornerstone of our activities to remedy and protect our waters and lands.  Since 2010, 7 Lakes Alliance has collaborated with Colby College – a premier environmental and lake science research institution – to better understand the ecology of the Belgrade Lakes and to develop exceptional research, education, innovative approaches, and guidance to our partners and neighbors throughout the watershed.


7 Lakes Alliance provides the Environmental Science Programs of Colby College a research laboratory, field station, conference space, and teaching resource. A multidisciplinary team of Colby faculty representing the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geology, and the Environmental Studies and Science, Technology, and Society Programs work through 7 Lakes Alliance to engage citizens, lake associations, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and others in studying and protecting the Belgrade Lakes.

These programs provide research and teaching resources to 7 Lakes Alliance, our partners, and the Belgrade Lakes community through the National Science Foundation funded Sustainable Science project, part of a statewide sustainability science initiative.

Colby also provides a cadre of environmental interns who work throughout the academic year and during the summer to help support 7 Lakes Alliance projects throughout the watershed. Colby interns gain valuable practical experience as they work to promote environmental stewardship practices to sustain healthy, vibrant lakes.

Learn more about 7 Lake Alliance & Colby College Scientific Research

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