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The Life of the Land and Lakes is In Our Hands.

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Lake Research at the 7 Lakes Alliance


To better understand the drivers of water quality in the Belgrade watershed, the 7 Lakes Alliance, in association with Colby College and surrounding lake associations, conducts water quality monitoring on all seven of the Belgrade Lakes. Under the supervision of our science director, Danielle Wain, Colby students, 7 Lakes Alliance staff, and volunteers routinely measure temperature and oxygen profiles, secchi disk depth, and algal species composition (using a FlowCam) to assess the quality of the lakes. 


Additionally, chlorophyll, water, and sediment samples are collected for further analysis in the state-of-the-art laboratories at Colby. Through this work, we can better understand the physical, chemical, and biological factors influencing water quality. This allows us to appreciate how activities within the watershed and along the shoreline impact the state of our lakes, and what management and mitigation strategies can be adopted to ensure our future. Management plans and mitigation are supported with expansive scientific evidence and carefully conducted with continuous monitoring.


For more information about lake research at the 7 Lakes Alliance, or to get involved in volunteer lake monitoring, please contact the Lake Science Director, Dr. Danielle Wain, at

The Latest in Water Quality

Lake Science Advisory Committee

Linda Bacon, Maine DEP
Roy Bouchard, formerly Maine DEP
Dr. Denise Bruesewitz, Colby College
Dr. Peter Countway. Bigelow Labs
Dr. Rachel Hovel, UMaine-Farmington
Dr. Peter Kallin, Maine Lakes Society
Dr. Whitney King, Colby College

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