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French Mountain Trail


French Mountain

Obtained in 1990, French Mountain (716′) was the first parcel of land acquired by 7 Lakes Alliance (BRCA).


0.4 miles each way


A paved parking apron is located on the east side of Watson Pond Road, 0.7 miles south of Watson Pond Road’s junction with Route 27.


Description: From Watson Pond Road the trail immediately heads east then swings south, climbing the ridge of French Mountain (716′) to reach a rocky precipice with stunning views of Long Pond. As the trail opens up near the summit, the first views are of tiny Whittier Pond to the east with Rome Corner behind it, Mount Phillip to the northeast, and Long Pond to the southeast. The trail continues along the open rocks until its terminus above steep cliffs overlooking the northern end of Long Pond. From here you can also see Great Pond, The Mountain, and Belgrade Lakes Village. Turkey vultures usually roost in French Mountain’s rocky face and often can be seen riding the thermals overhead and looking for a meal.

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