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2020 Invasive Milfoil Remediation: Recap

This week wraps up the season for our Milfoil Remediation Crew, who have been hard at work all summer battling the variable milfoil infestation in Great Pond.

This season, we removed over 24,000 gallons of invasive milfoil! All of that invasive milfoil is taken to a farm to be composted.

The vast majority of invasive milfoil in Great Pond continues to be concentrated in Great Meadow Stream. The fact that it hasn't spread to surrounding areas is a testament to the effectiveness of the Surface Use Restriction. Our crew identified and removed variable milfoil in Robbins Mill Stream and Rome Trout Brook, but it appears that remediation efforts in past seasons have had a noticeable positive impact in those areas.

Watch the latest invasive milfoil webinar with Sharon Mann, 7 Lakes Alliance Milfoil Remediation Manager, below.

Read a recap from earlier in the season and for 2019 here.


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