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Invasive Species Alert

Patches of invasive aquatic plant, curly-leaf pondweed, have been found off the Northeast shore of Pomleau Island. This rapidly growing pondweed is native to Eurasia and lacks natural checks and balances which leads to excessive growth that inhibits native aquatic plants and wildlife that depend on them. Curly-leaf pondweed can form dense mats in shallow water, limiting recreational activities such as swimming and boating. Unlike our native aquatic plants, which are just now waking up from their winter dormancy, curly-leaf sprouts in the late fall and reaches its maximum growth in June. Towards the end of June, curly-leaf develops new turions, a winter bud which can remain dormant and viable for 5 years, and the mature plants die back. Due to the abnormal life history of this plant, it is possible that these patches have been in North Pond for years as our survey efforts are typically in July through October. 7 Lakes Alliance’s dive crew will be prioritizing the removal of these patches in North Pond before new turions are able to disperse. Please avoid boat traffic in this area and look out for marker buoys and divers at work. If you would like to help with this management effort, please consider “adopting” your shoreline, joining a group paddle survey, or donating to North Pond Association’s curly-leaf pondweed fund. For more information contact

7 Lakes Dive Team found invasive plants in North Pond
Curly Leaf Pond Weed


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