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Great Meadow Stream

On June 16, 2022, the decade-old infestation of variable-leaf milfoil in Great Meadow Stream received an herbicide treatment. Treatments of this kind are never expected to be the silver bullet to eradicate an invasive species once and for all. Rather, the use of herbicides is meant to reduce the size of an infestation so that it can be managed sustainably by manual efforts. Thus far, the herbicide treatment has performed well beyond our expectations. In 2023, a single variable-leaf milfoil plant was found and removed at the mouth of the stream. During our routine “kick-off” dive in early May, we found a few plants in the same area as last year. The plants were removed and have not regrown (yet). Based on similar treatments in Annabessacook and in other states, an uptick in regrowth is to be expected two years post treatment- which is this summer for us. Great Meadow Stream will be monitored bi-weekly to make sure any regrowth is removed before it can grow into an established patch.

Surface Use Restriction in Great Meadow Stream

The motorized boat restriction in Great Meadow Stream has ended despite our ongoing management efforts. Although it is now legal to bring a motorboat in the stream, we kindly ask that you enjoy fishing and motorboating in the other 99.97% of Great Pond’s beautiful water. Since the stream has been closed to motorboat activity, loons, geese, sandhill cranes, and various other waterfowl and wildlife have flourished in the absence of human disturbance. This gem of the Belgrade’s is best enjoyed from a paddle craft, where you can truly appreciate the stream for what it is, a natural ecosystem buzzing with wildlife.

If you insist on bringing a motorboat into Great Meadow Stream (again, I do not recommend doing so), please follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not exceed headway speed. If you are seeing waves on the shoreline, you are going too fast! Waves sink loon nests. Do not do it.

  2. Stick to the channel to protect nature and your boat. The stream is PACKED with native plants. This is a good thing! Native plants provide habitat to juvenile fish and they suck up nutrients that would otherwise fuel algae growth. Clogging up your motor with weeds harms your motor and can lead to costly repairs.

  3. Remove all plants from your boat and fishing equipment before you leave the stream and head out into open water. Plant material should be discarded on land away from water sources in case there are invasive plant fragments in the mix.

Please do your part to make sure all of the hard work (not to mention money) that has been put into making this stream enjoyable is not undone by irresponsible motorboating.


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