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CEO Rose Day to Help Lead Skutik River Restoration, Continues as 7 Lakes' Conservation Strategy Lead

With great appreciation for over five years of service as the first CEO of the 7 Lakes Alliance, the Board of Directors announces that Laura Rose Day will transition from her full-time CEO position as of September 30th to focus exclusively on strategic conservation initiatives for the 7 Lakes Alliance. Her decision comes as she assumes a key role in an effort led by the Passamaquoddy tribe to restore the Skutik (St. Croix) River ecosystem, an area of expertise and leadership for which she is internationally recognized.

In her new role at 7 Lakes, Laura will direct 7 Lakes’ land and water conservation strategy and policy, including water quality, invasive species, erosion control, and land conservation. She will serve as the key public face of 7 Lakes conservation efforts and will also develop special initiatives focused on interdisciplinary, cross-program collaboration, and innovation.

Led by Laura’s expertise, strategic and collaborative approach, and passion, 7 Lakes Alliance is now recognized as one of Maine's preeminent conservation organizations, with the commitment and capability to manage the environmental challenges of the Belgrade Lakes Watershed. Since its formation in 2018, 7 Lakes has strengthened its finances, team of professionals and conservation programs to meet these growing challenges to improve water quality, combat existing and new invasive aquatic plants, and protect the land to protect the entire lakes.

Board Chair Peter Kallin says, “We are grateful that Laura will continue to help lead 7 Lakes strategic vision as we build on this impressive legacy. We are confident that 7 Lakes is poised for continued progress toward conserving the land and waters of the Belgrade Lakes Region for generations to come.”

In just 5 years, 7 Lakes’ water quality and invasive aquatic plant staff have deployed new state-of-the-art equipment and science-based strategies, elevating 7 Lakes’ watershed management efforts and contributions to citizen-based collaborations. 7 Lakes' partnership with Colby College is thriving. In 2020, 7 Lakes gained national Land Trust Alliance accreditation. Conserved land has increased by nearly 2,400 acres (over 27%) with more than 1,000 additional acres soon to be added. Public- and private investment in watershed management has increased annually, including more than $1.3M in Federal Clean Water Act (319) grants since 2017, resulting in more than $2.5 M of work (including required matching funds) to reduce erosion in the Belgrade Lakes watershed. 7 Lakes' robust education and outreach programs connect thousands of people to nature and have inspired plans for new and exciting offerings for local communities.

Board Chair Kallin continues, “The entire 7 Lakes board is committed to hiring new leadership who will continue to provide collaborative, mission-driven leadership for 7 Lakes’s diligent staff of talented and dedicated professionals. Together, they will continue to protect and conserve the timeless and delicate nature of the Belgrade Lakes Watershed.” For more information on our executive search, please contact



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