All About Frogs and Turtles

7 Lakes Alliance recently hosted Maine Master Naturalist Paul Powers for a series of webinars to learn about Maine’s native frogs and turtles and how we can all live in better harmony with these spectacular species.

Amphibians were the first vertebrates to colonize the land, evolving around 370 million years ago, and have since survived four mass extinction events. Don’t let them go in this one! Many of Maine’s native amphibians and reptiles are facing severe habitat loss and fragmentation, among other threats, and over 70 percent of Maine’s native freshwater turtles are listed by the state as either endangered, threatened, or under special concern. By conserving lands and protecting the watershed, 7 Lakes Alliance is helping to preserve vital habitat for Maine’s wildlife, including frogs and turtles. Get involved!

If you missed the live events, don’t worry! You can watch the recorded sessions below. 

Toads & Frogs, June 24th

How many different frogs does Maine have? What really is the difference between a frog and a toad? Can toads really give you warts? In this presentation, Paul explores Maine’s native frog species, weaving stunning photography, fun facts, and bonus quiz questions into a discussion about Maine’s frogs and the important role they play in the stability of our natural ecosystems.