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Will milky water reach Great Pond?

The discolored water flowing from North Pond is making its way to Great Pond via Great Meadow Stream. The impact of the water on Great Pond's North Bay remains to be seen.

These aerial images from 7 Lakes Alliance board member and drone photographer Alex Wall show the flow of discolored water progressing from North Pond via Great Meadow Stream as it approaches Great Pond.

The impact of this water on Great Pond’s North Bay remains to be seen. That impact will be affected by a number of factors, including how quickly the dying algae that is causing the discoloration settles to the bottom of the stream/lake, how well the winding path and lush vegetation of Great Meadow Stream filters the water, and whether the rain forecasted for Friday evening will dilute the water and/or increase the flow over the North Pond dam and in the stream.

That North Bay is a far larger waterbody than the stream and its northern mouth should dilute the impact. Again, that remains to be seen.

7 Lakes Alliance will continue to update information as it becomes available and is warranted.

The winding path of Great Meadow Stream, along with its lush vegetation, is expected to filter the water to some extent as it flows toward Great Pond.
The vastness of Great Pond's North Bay compared to Great Meadow Stream is expected to further dilute any discolored water that may reach it.



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