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Summer News

This summer may look different, but some things haven’t changed. At 7 Lakes Alliance, we continue to do everything we can to conserve the lands and waters of the Belgrade Lakes Region for all. While some of our typical summer programming is on hold for now, join us instead at online events and workshops, Plant Paddles, and more activities around the watershed. Connect with us on social media and on our website for more information, and stay safe!

Water Quality

Through the 7 Lakes Alliance-Colby College Water Quality Initiative, we conduct water quality monitoring on all seven of the Belgrade Lakes, working closely with other lake associations to better understand the factors influencing lake health. Learn more at one of our Water Quality Webinars, or get involved in volunteer lake science monitoring!

Invasive Milfoil Removal

Each year, we work tirelessly to remove invasive aquatic plant infestations and prevent new ones, and this season is no exception. Our Courtesy Boat Inspectors (CBI) continue to staff local boat launches, educating boaters about and preventing the spread of aquatic invaders across our lakes. Meanwhile, our milfoil removal team, operating under health and safety measures, works daily to remove existing infestations of invasive variable milfoil from Great Pond. Attend one of our Milfoil Update Webinars for the latest news in the ongoing fight against Invasive Variable Milfoil, or join us as we patrol for invasive plants at one of our Plant Paddles this summer!


Good lake stewardship starts on land. Among other programs, our Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) tackles erosion-control projects throughout the watershed to decrease the amount of excess phosphorus entering our lakes and regain balance in our water ecosystems while giving high school and college students valuable work experience. This year, we are working with landowners to complete projects and support water quality while protecting our community's health and safety by running a smaller crew and adhering to public health guidelines. Learn how to implement lake-friendly landscaping and become LakeSmart, and consider signing up for a YCC project!

Land Conservation

As a land trust, we conserve and steward lands in the Belgrade Lakes Watershed that provide high value habitat and water quality protection. Our conservation lands are still available for healthy outdoor recreation! Engaging in outdoor exercise activities, provided they are conducted in accordance with current health and safety regulations, are a great way to stay healthy during this challenging time. If you’re headed out on the trails, remember to continue to practice social distancing and refer to the full guidelines here.



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