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State of the Lakes: Water Quality Update

Dr. Danielle Wain, Lake Science Director, explains the latest news in water quality in this webinar.

Water Quality Monitoring in the Belgrades - An Overview 2:18

Conditions that impact water quality this summer 5:36

Understanding Stability: Dimicdic and Polymictic Lakes 7:00

East Pond 9:38

North Pond 13:30

More about Algae 18:00

Is this Algal bloom toxic? 21:13

McGrath Pond 24:55

Great Pond, Salmon Lake, Long Pond, Messalonskee Lake 26:40

Summary 31:42

Questions 34:07


- Is the algae from North Pond likely to travel downstream to Great Pond? 34:07

- What more can be done to stabilize these lakes? 35:00 Do we know what percentage of phosphorus loading in North Pond is attributable to external loading? 36:10

- Explain water clarity and lake stratification. 38:45

- Is Great Pond still listed as impaired by the DEP? 40:15

- Are East Pond measurements done at one site or two? 41:16

- What about excessive use of fertilizer? 42:40

- Will an alum treatment work for North Pond? 44:04

- What is the next step for North Pond? 45:00

- What has changed in the past five years to cause this issue to repeat itself? 49:27

- How long did it take to address the bloom issue on East Pond? Is this something that North Pond residents can expect? 53:56


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