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State investigating moose's death

7 Lakes Alliance was saddened to hear the moose that recently was a frequent visitor to the Mill Stream that connects Great Pond and Long Pond died this past weekend. The Maine Warden Service is investigating the moose’s death. The moose was removed from the Mill Stream on Sunday. Game wardens are talking to boaters and others on land who were in the vicinity of where the moose was last seen this weekend as part of their investigation. In fairness to all involved, we will withhold further statements about the moose until the findings of the investigation are made public.

As a reminder, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife advises to always watch wildlife from a distance and to never approach, handle, feed or attempt to move a wild animal. The department offers other useful information about avoiding wildlife conflict, what to do about a sick or injured animal, and common wildlife diseases at this link. The department’s Augusta office can be contacted at 1-800-452-4664. The Warden Service’s divisional office in Sidney can be reached at 207-287-5300.


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