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Sandhill Cranes Grace Fogg Island Preserve Opening

On July 20th, 7 Lakes Alliance celebrated the opening of the Fogg Island Preserve trail. Upon arrival the group was greeted by a coyote pup and down the trail, hikers saw a Barred Owl and Sandhill Cranes. There were plenty of native blueberries ripening along the shore of Long Pond. The Preserve is a 469 acre conservation property that is home to several vernal pools, various wetland plant and animal species including wading birds and other waterfowl and a moose or two. This property is bordered by over two miles of undeveloped shoreline on Long Pond and Ingham Stream. The trail will lead you through the upland and wetland forests down to the bog bridges onto Fogg Island itself.

Fogg Island Preserve is located about a quarter mile down Spring Hill Road in Mt. Vernon. Hike the trail that leads to bog bridges and the shore along Long Pond. You can also access Fogg Island by water on the west side of Long Pond’s south basin.

For driving directions or a trail map click here



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