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Milfoil Fights Back

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Rome Trout Brook

Rome Trout Brook has a lot of plants--both native and invasive! This area saw a sudden increase of invasive variable milfoil in 2017. We laid several benthic barriers over large patches beginning at the mouth of the stream and pushing upstream.

Great Meadow Stream

This season, New England Milfoil spent 10 weeks here. Several of the large patches throughout the stream have been removed by New England Milfoil while the our crew has focused on the mouth of the stream.

Robbins Mill Stream

Robbins Mill Stream has been addressed annually since 2012. An eager group of volunteers from Hoyt Island have expressed interest in doing more than adopting their shoreline. Lea Ramirez of Hoyt Island and our Milfoil Remediation Manager are developing a program to have Hoyt Island residents assist in removal efforts as well as data collection.

Belgrade Stream

We spent one week removing invasive variable milfoil south of Wing Mills Dam alongside New England Milfoil. Removal efforts from last season were noticeable in Belgrade Stream. The crew found several small patches upstream near the dam. This is incredibly concerning as anglers and swimmers frequently “double dip” from the infested side of the dam into the clean side in Long Pond.


NO NEW INFESTATIONS SINCE 2016! ​This season, we implemented the use of our new probability maps we developed from data recorded in 2018 and found them extremely effective! We were able to survey all of Great Pond in about 3 weeks as opposed to the majority of the summer! We found several patches of native milfoil throughout Great Pond where we haven’t seen them before. This is good news, although it can scare people from time to time! We plan on using the same probability maps to survey next year.

DNA Updates

Cove near Bear Spring Camp has native whorled milfoil.

Ingham Stream, Lost Pond, and Beaver Brook all have native whorled milfoil.

Austin Bog (south east cove) also has whorled milfoil.


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