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'Fishy' fish should be reported

Anglers who catch a "fishy" fish -- one that is outside the norm of native or known species in the area -- are advised to contact the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

During a presentation at 7 Lakes Alliance on the impact of invasive fish species, IF&W Regional Fisheries Biologist Jason Seiders sought anglers' help in alerting the state to new non-native species in the region. Seiders asked anglers who catch an unusual fish to contact IF&W at 207-287-5300 or him at Preferably, the angler should save the fish for an IF&W biologist to examine. At a minimum, the angler should take a photo of the fish.

Seiders' presentation is posted below. 7 Lakes Alliance will invite him back to present the program again in summer 2023.

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