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Chewonki nature programs to return in summer 2023

Chewonki, a Maine environmental education organization that teaches appreciation and stewardship of the natural world, will again bring its children's nature programs to 7 Lakes Alliance in summer 2023.

The Chewonki lineup will span from late June through early August, mostly occurring on Tuesday afternoons at 3 p.m. at the 7 Lakes headquarters, 137 Main St. in the Belgrade Lakes village. All of the hour-long programs are free and open to the public. Chewonki educators typically bring live animals as part of their presentations.

The 2023 lineup is:

  • June 27 -- Animal Adaptations. Webbed feet, camouflaged fur or spiny backs are all amazing ways that animals use adaptations to survive in the wild every day.

  • Wednesday, July 5 -- Biomimicry. Join us as we explore the ways engineers have taken advantage of nature’s bright ideas through biomimicry. And meet some live animals that help us draw comparisons between human-made products and animal adaptations.

  • July 11 -- Fins & Flippers. A presentation examining the four major groups of marine mammals, their special adaptations for keeping warm, finding food, and breathing air in the marine environment, and the many threats they face. Children then work together as a group to reconstruct a Pilot Whale skeleton.

  • July 25 -- Owls of Maine. Three live owls are the highlights of this program, which introduces participants to the owls native to Maine and New England.

  • Aug. 1 -- Scales & Tails. Many people conjure up images of slimy skin and bloodthirsty monsters when they hear the word “reptile.” This hands-on program works to dispel some of those fears by allowing students to examine snakeskins, turtle shells, skeletons, and other unique reptilian artifacts.

  • Aug. 8 -- The Bugmobile. Is a bug an insect? Is a spider a bug? Chewonki’s “Bugmobile” transports the world of arthropods — insects and their relatives — into the classroom.

  • Aug. 15 -- Vernal Pools. Let’s dive deep into these shallow waters to take a closer look at the seasonal nature of a vernal pool and the impact it has on amphibian and invertebrate life cycles.

7 Lakes Alliance is already planning educational and recreational programming for summer 2023. Thus far, the lineup includes programs about invasive terrestrial plants, sustainable landscapes and invasive fish.

Share your ideas of topics you'd like us to explore by emailing To see the events already on tap, visit



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