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BLA supports work truck for YCC

By Blaine Horrocks, BLA Treasurer

The Belgrade Lakes Association Board of Directors is pleased to announce a contribution of $20,000 toward the acquisition of an additional work truck to support 7 Lakes Alliance’s erosion-control program.

This newly acquired GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab will be used primarily to transport personnel, especially Youth Conservation Corp crew members, and supplies to work sites, including in the Long Pond and Great Pond watershed. This marks a significant contribution toward BLA’s longstanding goal of promoting the highest possible water quality of our ponds by curbing soil erosion. As we are all aware, dirt entering our waters not only decreases water clarity but also contains phosphorus that contributes to the possibility of algal blooms.

This contribution also marks a major step in follow-up support of the BLA-sponsored 2018 Great Pond and 2022 Long Pond watershed-based management plans. The BLA thanks our many members and supporters in making this contribution possible.


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