7 Lakes Alliance Honors Maggie Shannon With Esteemed Eddie Mayer Award

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

7 Lakes Alliance awarded Maggie Shannon with the Eddie Mayer Award in December of 2018 for her dedication to saving Maine’s lakes for future generations. When invasive milfoil was discovered in Messalonskee lake, Maggie worked tirelessly to help the BLA organize the fight against this threat to her lake. She organized and trained teams of volunteers to act as courtesy boat inspectors (CBI) and worked with other conservation organizations to lobby the legislature to protect Maine lakes from invasive plants. In 2001, after impassioned testimony from “Milfoil Maggie,” the legislature passed Maine’s Milfoil law by a single vote. This law, subsequently replicated in numerous other states, provides dedicated funding for invasive plant education, prevention, and mitigation.

Recognizing the power of groups working together to achieve common goals, while still serving as President of BLA, Maggie joined the board of the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance (BRCA) - now 7 Lakes Alliance and helped form the BRCA Lake Trust, a strategic alliance of the five lake associations in the 7-lake, Belgrade Lakes Watershed that coordinates watershed-wide programs.

Not content with protecting just seven lakes, in 2003 Maggie became th