2018 Water Quality Data

The data in graphs below was collected by 7 Lakes Alliance, Colby College, Pete Kallin, McGrath Pond and the Salmon Lake Association.

For more information about lake research at the 7 Lakes Alliance, or to get involved in volunteer lake monitoring, please contact the Lake Science Director, Dr. Danielle Wain, at danielle.wain@7lakesalliance.org.


Because Messalonskee is deep, it stratified early and remained stratified until fall turnover in later October. The water clarity was good throughout the summer at both sampling locations. At the shallow site (right panels) at the north end of the lake, anoxia developed early in the summer and remained until the water column started mixing in September. At the deepest hole (left panels), anoxia began later, but persisted longer. In the middle of the summer, a metalimnetic oxygen minimum formed in the thermocline. This typically occurs because warm wate