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The purpose of the North Pond Association is to support and conduct social, educational, and stewardship efforts to benefit the natural environment of North Pond and Little Pond. Over the last 30 years, the association’s responsibilities have grown to include testing the lake water, marking hazards, and providing funding for courtesy boat inspections to prevent the introduction of invasive plant species like milfoil into this beautiful lake.


  • Association:

    • President: Kelly Marshall

  • Watershed:

    • Area (acres): 2531

    • Perimeter (miles): 9.5

    • Mean Depth (feet): 13

    • Max Depth (feet): 20

    • Delorme Page: 20

    • Fishery Type: warm water

    • Invasive Aquatic Plant Infestation: none known

    • Dam(s): 0

    • Length of Shoreline (meters): 17,949

North Pond's website is under construction and will be available soon!

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